Lucas (17) and Gilda (20) travel to a small Argentine beach town to fulfill the last wishes of their recently deceased mother: scatter her remains in the ocean. Unfortunately, the only “remains” they have is her prosthetic hand, but as Gilda says when they throw it into the surf, "it’s the same as long as we get it off our backs”. Ready to return home, the two siblings find themselves stranded by a nationwide bus strike. Lucas, obsessed with bodybuilding and contact fighting, finds the nearly deserted town fertile ground for exploring his sexuality and the limits of his body. Gilda, still affected by her recent stay at a rehab center and obsessed with her “bad energy”, tries countless therapies and divination methods in order to find some meaning in the world. Trapped in their own limbo, the two confront the empty space left by their mother’s suicide as they bid farewell to their adolescence and face the ambiguity of life, death and fitness. 


Since the day I stopped being one, I have been interested in making a movie about teenagers. LOS MIEMBROS DE LA FAMILIA (“Family Members”) has two central topics: adolescence and mourning, both processes that I consider fundamental in the construction of identity and the sense of self. I am interested in exploring adolescence as a middle state, as a waiting room for adulthood, where the mind and body are still in the height of their development, but don't have a definite direction yet. Lucas and Gilda, however, are not typical teenagers: Lucas, obsessed with his body, finds in bodybuilding and contact fighting an escape valve for his sexual concerns. Gilda, on the other hand, just left a rehab center and is desperately trying to find meaning in the world surrounding her. This, in addition to the constant tension in their relationship, made their eccentric adventure in an adult-less world even more interesting for me to portray. Like two explorers in the fog, Gilda and Lucas move forward with firm steps, without knowing where they are going or why. This image is for me the most accurate to define mourning and adolescence at the same time, and it is the form I chose to portray the story of these siblings in the film.


Buenos Aires, 1989. Graduated from the Universidad del Cine (FUC). He directed the feature films “Los Miembros de la Familia” (Berlinale 2019) and “Acá adentro” (BAFICI 2013), and the short films “El ser magnético” (Cannes Cinéfondation 2015) and “Nosotros solos” (Toronto 2017). His films have played numerous international film festivals, among which are Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Rotterdam, Mar del Plata, BAFICI, Thessaloniki and Toulouse. In 2016, he was selected as a participant for TIFF Talent Lab, Toronto International Film Festival’s program for emerging directors. He has been awarded fellowships from the MacDowell Colony and the Argentinian National Endowment for the Arts. Nowadays he is developing “La fiebre”, his third feature film.


Original Title Los miembros de la familia / English Title Family Members / Sooting format Red Weapon digital 4K / Screening format DCP color / Aspect Ratio 2.35:1 / Lenght in min 85 / Sound 5.1 / Original language spanish with english subtitles / Production year 2019.



Tomás Wicz / Laila Maltz / Alejandro Russek


Written and Directed by Mateo Bendesky Producers Agustina Costa Varsi / Diego Dubcovsky / Mateo Bendesky Executive Producer Agustina Costa Varsi Line Producer Florencia Clérico / Lucía Chavarri Director of Photography Roman Kasseroller Assistant Director Martin Vilela Production Manager Florencia Clérico Production Design Mirella Hoijman Editor Ana Godoy Sound Santiago Fumagalli Costumes Analía Bernabé Hair& Make up Design Emmanuel Miño Composer Santiago Palenque Casting Iair Said, Katia Szechtman Marketing consultant Kathleen Mc Innis Administration Carolina Penelas / Florencia Scarano Production Companies Volpe Films / Varsovia Films

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